I want to share with you my passion for words and reading. Through literature Leap, I want to inspire and excite you and your student to read by using storytelling, music, puppetry, interactive games, arts and crafts, and technology. My motto is to have fun while being engaged in learning. Books can be the catalyst for revving up the imagination and sending creativity into orbit. If they dream it, they can be it: an anthropologist, oceanographer, or an inventor of a product that will help mankind.

As a youngster, I was a struggling reader, but I excelled in the Arts. The arts are infused in my life. I cannot imagine not having them. It would be like a butterfly not able to break free from the cocoon. The arts allow me to soar. I want to share with children that each one of us comes into the world with a talent. Sometimes it was right on the surface for all to see.

Over time I have come to realize that. I may never win a spelling bee, but I know how to work words. I can breathe life into them by coloring them with expression. My hands can shape words into a puppet or a piece of sculpture. A song emerges when words roll around in my head and catch onto a melody. Music is at the core of all that I create. It is like the oxygen that flows through my lungs. It energizes me.

One of the greatest gifts an artist can give is to use his or her art-form to make a difference. It is my mission to spread the joy of reading to communities in need around the world.

Miss Robin educates teachers, volunteers, and other adults on the art of bringing storytelling to life.

Miss Robin will come to you, whether it be at a school, hospital, festival, or any special event and present a storytelling program. She will present multiple stories in various dramatic formats and tailors each performance to your specific needs. Miss Robin has experience storytelling to children ages 2-200.

Miss Robin educates high school and college students as well as those seeking professional development on the art of bringing storytelling to life. Currently, she teaches at Lake Erie College on integrating arts into core subject curriculum. At the high school level, she instructs students in accordance with the Ohio Department of Education Language Arts Standards.

Q Some of my accomplishments

Teacher of Teachers Award for the Tri-County Association for the Education of Young Children 2009
The Young Audiences Sunshine Award for Arts Excellence in Northeast Ohio Schools 2003
Publications – Rock ‘N’ Rhymes Frolic Lesson Plans and CD for PreK – 3, Self-published in 2009 Penca Design Group, Cleveland, OH, 2010
Stories/Dramas with Lesson Plans in paperback and CD. I wrote these stories and songs to be used in classrooms and performances
Under the Butterfly Tree, 2003
Another Branch of Life, 2000

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